Sharon Hill and Annie Oldfield, Ad Rosta, Melbourne, Australia
Conference and Meeting Management

"We would like to thank MIE Software for your assistance and support in the lead up to the St Vincent's Breast Cancer Update conference. It was fully subscribed and the on-line facility no doubt contributed to its success.

We look forward to future occasions when we could have a similar association of mutual benefit for you and the continuing professional development of the medical industry."

Dianne McLeod, Principal, Convention Link, Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Professional Conference Organiser

"Since installing Summit, life has become considerably easier. In fact, I cannot believe I was prepared to spend a few thousand dollars to obtain the right conference software package for my business, but instead 'fell upon' your package, which has answered all my prayers! It really is value for money. Not only does your package do everything the brochure indicates, it does more, and it saves so much time and money for my business as well. Conference and Special Event organisation has never been this easy.

As for follow up support, on the rare occasion I have had to request any (your package is so user friendly, as is your manual), we have really appreciated your very prompt and efficient service - it is a dream!"

Richard Natividad, Director, Latin Dance Australia, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

"Just letting you know the Sydney Salsa Congress was a tremendous success. A critical factor to the success of the congress was the MIE Software (Summit Event Manager - Pro)! It proved highly invaluable for our logistics and record keeping.

We look forward to using it again next year for our 2nd Sydney Salsa Congress 2006."

Peter Gray, Managing Director, Motivating People, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Professional Conference Organiser

"It was with some scepticism that we first approached the Summit Event Management System. Scepticism born out of many months investigating other products in this field, many of which were several times the price of your product. Ultimately we chose Summit because it seemed to offer everything MCi International, as a Professional Conference Organiser, needed in one package.

Having used Summit for a number of our client's conferences and events we can honestly say that it has met and in many cases exceeded our expectations. Our staff have found the system easy to use and many of our suppliers have commented on the clarity with which our requirements are now communicated to them. The on-screen help and the manual are both of a very high standard and have enabled us to swiftly resolve the few queries we have had.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Summit Event Management System to anyone organising meetings, conferences or conventions, whether for their own organisation or as a PCO or DMC."

Mark Remington, Director, Meet & Motivate, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Professional Conference Organiser

"I have used the Summit Event Management System for a period of seven months now and I would like to take this opportunity of expressing my satisfaction in making the decision to purchase the program. The program is certainly extremely good value for money, particularly when compared to the various much more expensive programs that are available in the marketplace.

I have found the system very easy to adapt to a number of different types of conferences and events that we have recently managed. Once familiar with how the system works, which takes very little time, it is very flexible in the way it can be applied to the different events.

I have found the back-up and support for the program to be excellent in that queries which we have had are responded to quickly and simply. However, I find that the necessity for this minimal as most problems can be resolved by reference to the well thought out and clear manual.

I think your concept of offering a good product for a reasonable price is very refreshing and sits well with the way I approach my business."

Chrystal Williams, Office Manager, Nessen Company, Rochester, Illinois, USA
Professional Conference Organiser

"I want to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased and impressed we are with Summit Pro 2000.

I researched event management software extensively for several months and happened upon your webpage. I was quite skeptical but decided to investigate further. My interest was piqued by the description that was offered. I couldn't believe that such a comprehensive package might exist for such a small investment! Compared to other products I had come across Summit was 'too good to be true'!

After using the trial version I realized that the product was not only what we were looking for but had additional features we had not considered at that point. I inquired via email and was impressed by the timely response and information that I received. All of this without the pressure I was becoming accustomed to from other companies.

Our biggest concern was the distance between our companies and the possible effect on the quality of customer service and support. I shared my concerns and was further impressed to discover that your company has worked very hard to accommodate those businesses not located in Australia. I have found the customer service and support provided to be exceptional. I wish all companies worked as hard to satisfy their clientele!

In closing, I would like to say 'kudos' to all of you! Thank you all for the outstanding product that has helped to 'streamline' our company and most of all for the fantastic support!"

Robyn Buccheri, Director, Professional Conference Services, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Professional Conference Organiser

"Summit has provided the ‘Professional edge’ required for our Conference registration service. It is highly ‘user friendly’ and I highly recommend it!!"

Christine Plain, Executive Secretary, Development Office Trinity Grammar School, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Secondary School

"Please accept this late (but no less sincere) THANK YOU for all your wonderful Help and Assistance through my very trying time with the School's biggest ever function! I know that the best way to learn a new product/programme is to try it out on an actual event, but I think maybe this one was a bit toooooooooo big. However, we did get through it (relatively unscathed), but I could not have done it of course without you and you were all exceptionally "patient" with me and I do appreciate that. The programme is wonderful, and I am looking forward to exploring more fully all the other options available with functions in the future."

Judy Potter, Managing Director, Well Done Events, Gerringong, New South Wales, Australia
Professional Conference Organiser

"Just wanted to say THANK YOU! When I bought Summit over a year ago now, I didn't really understand how it would transform my life. We have been so busy during 1997 that now I realise even more that without Summit our event management business could simply not have survived.

We've used the system for all sorts of activities, from small seminars to multiple-stream multi-day conferences with ‘the works’ – partners, social activities, international delegates, multiple hotels – the lot. The learning curve has been pretty steep, and there are still plenty of features of the system I’m sure we’ve just not got around to trying.

In addition, your support and problem resolution have been first class. Having worked for multinational software vendors, I can more than appreciate the benefits of having local development and support available. You have been more than helpful, and responsive to some rather odd requests. For example, when I urgently required some new reports for an imminent conference, you provided them within a couple of hours, via email – that’s what I call SERVICE!

I look forward to many years of increasingly productive association with you!"

Russell Weaver, Managing Director, Commonwealth Development Bank
Judging Panel, 1995 Business Software Awards

"...we believe this to be a brilliant software package."

Kerry Curtin, Tourism Coordinator, Barton Institute of TAFE, Moorabbin, Victoria, Australia
Tertiary Educational Facility

"...the Tourism students are studying Meeting and Conference Planning and Coordination and this software program has highlighted to them the many facets of an event that must be managed. The students and I found the program extremely easy to use and its portability to the event was considered to be a major advantage. Two of the students has some experience with another Event Management Program which they found to be confusing and slow. They were particularly impressed with the Summit Registration Worklist and the ease of printing name badges.

We are intending to use Summit again next year when the students will be independently responsible for the management of events and exhibitions. Summit will be an invaluable tool in this regard."

Cynthea Wellings, Managing Director, Ausmed Publications & Australasian Health Education Systems, Victoria, Australia
Health Education Organisation

"... we are a conference organising company developing up to 200 meetings a year within the health care industry.

I would like to thank you for introducing us to the Summit Event Management System. We had been looking for a reasonably priced package for two years and had been unsuccessful in our endeavours. Since using the package we have found the following benefits:

I would recommend the program to future buyers for many reasons not the least of which is the professional manner in which the company have supported us during our initial use of the package."

Scott Matthews, Regional Manager, Cement and Concrete Association of Australia, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

"We are writing to express our absolute delight in the Summit Event Management System. The system is marvellous and it has lived up to and beyond our expectations. As you know, before we bought Summit we were running our conferences primarily manually, thus many tedious hours of typing lists and running sheets. But now with Summit this is all done on one system. We are now able at a glance to review the conference arrangements including how the banking is going, how many people are attending etc."

Graham Couch, Director, Graham C. Couch Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Professional Conference Organiser

"We have been using the Summit Software for some 6 months and are absolutely delighted with the product and the pre-eminent service we have recieved from your team (nationwide).

In our considerable experience in the MICE industry (more than 20 years) and which covers the entire spectrum including multi-media, we have yet to encounter a software product that is so well supported."

Margit Lang, General Manager, Lang Corporate Services, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Professional Conference Organiser

"The Summit Event Management System I purchased from you is wonderful. It makes professionally organising an event so much easier. Even Hotels and Coach Companies are complimenting us on the excellent reports we can provide for them.

Summit is the most valuable tool for anyone who has to organise a large or small conference. It’s very hard to believe a product which does so much is so reasonably priced."

Allan Bluett, Manager, Top Level Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand
Professional Conference Organiser

"I thought I would take this opportunity to let you know that we are finding the programme to be quite marvelous and is saving us literally hours in labour. We are a PCO, prior to purchasing Summit Pro, we managed events with a concoction of software, i.e. Access, Word and a finance programme. Set up for new events was a time consuming affair as you can imagine. If you ever need a referee for potential new user in NZ, you are most welcome to have them contact me, similarly I am happy to endorse the software if ever needed. Thank you also for the quick response to all our queries, it is appreciated."

Leon Norsworthy, Chairman, Local Arrangements Committee, 18th Baptist World Congress, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

"The level of work in the registration function was enormous owing to the congress attracting 5,700 full delegates from 110 countries as well as 850 associates along with 3,600 casuals. The scope of the work would have been beyond us without the employment of the economic and powerful Summit Event Manager package."

Judy Baker, Office Manager, NORTH Link, Bundoora, Victoria, Australia
Latrobe University

"Many thanks for your help today. It means a great deal to people like me in a little office with no support to be able to make contact with a very patient person like you. I know I will sleep very well tonight. Once again your excellent customer service is something you should be very proud of."

Denise Near, Past Destination Success Coordinator 2001-2004, Georgian College of Applied Arts & Technology, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

"I just wanted to let you folks know how great Summit Event Manager Software has been for our organization. I began using Summit for our first conference in 2001. With little more than a part time student to assist, I managed to organize an entire three day conference for over 300 people. The software is very easy to use and requires little training or setup to be up and running.

Over the last few years I have continued to use the software and over that time heard nothing but rave reviews from all of our attendees who appreciated receiving electronic emails, updates and printed information in a timely and professional manner.

Our department has continued to use Summit for other events large and small, all of which came off without a hitch.
I have taken the time over the years to show your software to many groups, from inside and outside the college. I will of course continue to promote your product as I think for the price - it's the best software out there."

Lesley Muller, Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International Ltd, Geelong, Victoria, Australia

"I use your program every year for our Convention and think it is great! God bless you all!"

David Allardice, ICCS Treasurer

".....our experience in using the web hosting service has been very satisfactory and we anticipate using it again for future large conferences....."

Wendy Creighton, Editor, Boonah Newspaper Co., Boonah, Queensland, Australia

"Just completing the presenter enterings into your program - still have delegates to go - but I believe we run one of the most complex conferences on this Earth as far as people movement and management, and all I can say is that this program so far is an absolute delight. Well done!"


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