Third Party Software

Express ClickYes
Express ClickYes is a small program that (when activated) assists in the timely distribution of bulk e-mails. The Microsoft Outlook E-mail Security Update affects MS Outlook 2000 to MS Outlook 2003. It requires that all e-mail messages generated from third party software programs (i.e. Summit) be manually approved prior to being sent. Express ClickYes completes this process for you. For versions of MS Outlook from 2007 onward this security process is managed within Outlook. See

Support Article: Installation and Summit Setup Instructions

File to download - ClickYesSetup.exe
Size: 94,208 bytes (updated 4 December 2009)


Win2PDF enables Summit Central and Summit Event Manager - Pro to create PDF files of all correspondence (confirmation letters, tax invoices etc...) both individually and in bulk for electronic delivery.

Unregistered Win2PDF will occasionally display a reminder dialogue with registration information and also add an extra page to each converted report/letter which will contain Win2PDF advertising. Registering the software removes this.

Win2PDF Version 3
Win2PDF Version 10

Which version should you install?

Install Version 3 if you originally purchased Win2PDF before 24 June 2010 and you are using Windows XP or Windows Vista.

Install Version7 if you purchased Win2PDF after 24 June 2010 or you are using Windows 7. Note that if you originally purchased Version 3 and are now running Windows 7 and are experiencing problems with Win2PDF you will need to upgrade to Win2PDF Version 7. You can get special upgrade pricing by purchasing directly from Dane Prairie Systems.

Both of these versions of Win2PDF are only for installation in a local computer environment. For Windows terminal servers and Citrix servers please use the following link and purchase directly from Dane Prairie Systems.
If you are in a server environment and would like more information, please click on the following link


WinZip (Evaluation Version)
WinZip makes it easy for Windows users to work with archives. It is a compression program that 'zips up' your files therefore making them smaller and easier to transfer to disk or forward via email.

Support Article: WinZip - File Compression Instructions

File to download - winzip145.exe
Size: 14,162,000 bytes


Adobe Acrobat Reader
Required to view .pdf files if you do not have the full version of Adobe Acrobat installed.

File to download - AdbeRdr705_enu_full.exe
Size: 20,922,368 bytes


MS SnapShot Viewer
The snpvw.exe file contains the Microsoft Snapshot Viewer. This can be used to view reports and correspondence that have been sent to you in Snapshot format (.snp files).

File to download - snpvw.exe
Size: 1,831,840 bytes