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Got a charge from MIE Software on your Credit Card?

MIE Software provided an on-line payment and registration service to conference and event organisers that enabled participants to register on-line using the Internet for seminars, conferences, bike rides, triathlons, dance competitions, trade shows, conventions, aptitude & characteristics assessments and other events.

Because of the way the banks handle these Internet transactions, these registrations will appear on your credit card statement as a charge from MIE Software.

Click here for a list of events that have recently used the MIE WebLink payment gateway.

If you still have any queries, contact us with the Amount and Transaction Date from your statement and we will be able to provide you with exact details of the person registering, the event and the organiser.

Phone:   (02) 6676 4736 from within Australia or + 612 6676 4736 from outside Australia or contact us by e-mail here.