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Welcome to Data Driven Internet Registration Pages
Instead of using static pages that need to be updated any time the information in your event file changes,
MIE WebLink creates registration forms on-the-fly based on a subset of your event data;
if your event data changes, the registration form can be updated automatically.

    Create, manage and modify your own dynamic registration page without any programming knowledge at all. MIE WebLink uses information from your event file and your Administration Centre to create a customised registration page for your event.
    Utilise the Administration Centre to update your page whenever you need.
    Offer multiple ticket types like early bird or special offer and remove once expired. Include extra activities such as conference dinners and welcome drinks to your itinery.
    Collect only the information you need, including accommodation and travel details.
    Delegates conveniently register online with or without payment and their information is transferred into Summit
    at the click of a button.
    Customised confirmation details are produced and recorded automatically and sent to the delegate via their preferred method: email or letter.
    Use the Internet Transmissions Report (via the Internet Assistant) to determine if any registrations have been lost between the registration page and your e-mail. If any are missing you can log on to your administration area and have the registrations re-sent to you.
    Work with the knowledge that your clients money is safe. The secure credit card payments facility is through Camtech and the Commonwealth Bank. All monies received via the secure payment gateway are deposited into a separate MIE Software trust account. We will transfer all monies due to your bank account, after subtracting costs on a daily basis -with an emailed tax invoice/summary, with no 'per-registrant' charges.
    Reconcile credit card payments via your Administration Centre. Login to your administration area and display all the credit card payments received (no card details). You can restrict the payments displayed to a specific date range to reconcile with the payments in Summit over the same date range.

Contact us via either Email or Phone: (03) 9645 1077 to discuss MIE WebLink further.

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