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Standard HTML Registration Pages

Options for Receiving Registrations Over the Internet
The Summit Event Manager programs have a built in Internet Interface that enables registrations collected on the Internet to be imported automatically into an event file provided that they are e-mailed to you in a specific format. The registration e-mails can be generated by an MIE WebLink registration page or by a standard HTML registration page that you either write yourself or get a web page designer to write for you - ensuring that the e-mails sent to you from the registration page are in the format described in the intdev.pdf document available on our web site.

The following compares MIE WebLink registration pages with standard HTML registration pages.

Feature MIE WebLink Registration Page Standard HTML Registration Page
Page Setup Time It will take you less than 15 minutes Depends on complexity. Usually at least several hours.
Setup Cost AUD $363 Depends on complexity and amount of programming required. Typically can vary from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.
Set Up Requires HTML and/or JavaScript Programming Skills No Yes
"Lost" Registration E-Mails from Server Lost registration e-mails can be retrieved and resent from the secure server through your MIE WebLink administration area. Lost registration e-mails stay lost.
Mechanism to reconcile registrations received on server with registrations received in Summit Yes, in your MIE WebLink administration area. No
Built in process to warn of problems delivering registration e-mails to you Yes No
Mechanism to prevent user selecting same add-on more than once. (Multiple selection of same add-on will cause registration to fail in Summit). Yes Requires additional JavaScript programming.
Automatic totalling of amount due as user selects items Yes Requires additional JavaScript programming.
Registration page can be updated as event options alter (e.g. Early bird registration deadline passes or optional tour fills up) Yes, through your MIE WebLink administration area. Requires programming changes.
Hotel Deposit Amount Calculation Can be set through your MIE WebLink administration area to zero, a fixed number of days based on room rate or automatically calculated based on length of stay. Any changes to calculation method require programming changes.
Automatically separate Conference and Social Add-Ons on Registration Page Yes Requires programming changes.
Option of Secure On-Line Payment Yes, Mastercard and Visa only Requires additional server based software written in ASP, Coldfusion or a similar language to:
  • Present the registration page
  • Determine the amount due for the registration
  • Pass the amount to the payments gateway
  • Receive amount and digital receipt number from payments gateway
  • Email registration and payment details to themselves
As well as the server based programming, the following items are also needed:
  • An Internet Merchant Account with an Australian bank
  • An account with one of the payment gateways
  • A digital security certificate for the registration web site.
On-line payment can be set up to collect deposits only Yes. Can be set through your MIE WebLink administration area to collect either a fixed amount deposit or a deposit based on a percentage of the total. Requires programming changes.
Data automatically imported into Summit: MIE WebLink Registration Page Standard HTML Registration Page
Name and Address details Yes Yes
Registration and Add-Ons Yes Yes
Special Dietary and Other Requirements Yes Yes
Sessions being attended Yes No
Membership Number Yes No
User Defined Feilds 1-5 Yes No
Main and Accompanying Person passport numbers and passport expiry dates. Yes No

Note: All costs and charges as at 28th February 2012 and are subject to change.

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