Summit Training Options

MIE Software offer a variety of Training packages.

Choose from:

Flying Start Training

On-site training - we come to you! One of our qualified trainers will come to your office and help you set up your very first event using Summit.

One trainer will come out on-site and train an agreed number of staff members. We will use your next event's conference brochure and registration form to walk you through how to create a database, enter and register delegates, presenters etc... and show you how to produce all the reports and letters you require for effective communication with your attendees and your client.

At the conclusion of the training session you and your staff will be off to a 'Flying Start'!

Advanced One-on-One Training

Want to know how to get more out of your Summit Suite of Software? Then get together with one of our qualified trainers and complete an assessment of your current practices and be advised on how to utilise the Summit Suite of Software more effectively.

Copilot Telephone Training

The Copilot software enables us to see your computer's desktop and either you or we can operate the keyboard and mouse as we guide you through our software.

For current pricing see the upgrade and training order form.