MIE Software's Education Program

The Summit Event Manager is the most popular event management software in Australia today and is installed in over 46 countries around the world. The Summit software is rapidly becoming the industry standard for event management software and knowledge in the use of Summit is often cited as a requirement for an event management position.

If you teach event management or have an event management component in your hospitality courses, the MIE Software education program could benefit you.

What is the Education Program?
There are two options available:

Educational Licence Evaluation Software
* Cost AUD$275.00
* Cost $0.00
* Unlimited number of records per database created. Can be used to run actual conferences. * Limit of 20 records per database created. Sufficient for students to complete the teaching assignment.

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The Summit Teacher's Kit
In order to assist teachers, we have also developed The Summit Teacher's Kit for teaching event management. The Summit Teacher's Kit is based on Summit Event Manager - Pro (SEMP).

Within the Teacher's Kit are two documents: Teaching Notes is a comprehensive document explaining the specific tasks that the students are asked to perform. The Assignment document is a smaller document, given to students, with a Sample Conference Brochure and five sample Registration Forms. The tasks they must do in order to produce set reports match the Teaching Notes.

The documents are not write-protected, so you can change them to suit your teaching style.

As an additional aide to teachers, there are two Summit event files: an event file with all the setup tasks completed and the event file with all registration tasks completed.

If you go with the standard, unaltered assignment there is an automated marking procedure built in to the software that enables you to instantly mark any student's assignment and give them a printed report of their results. E-mail us for a teacher's kit.