MIE Software Support Note
Subject: Changes to Downloaded Software Installation Files Applies to: All Products Date: 13 January 2016

Software Installation File Changes

Due to changes that came into effect on 1 January 2016 in the way Windows "trusts" files that are downloaded from the Internet we have to change the software installation files that you download from MIE software. These changes will apply to all software installation files created by us after 1 January 2016. These changes are to give you increased confidence that you are downloading genuine software from the Internet.

There are advantages to the new file format:

  • The files you download will be smaller and download faster
  • You are less likely to receive file download warnings
  • You will be able to use the same file to do new installations and software updates.

There are two issues we have identified with the new format:

  • There is the potential to create a second entry for the same product in Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs or Control Panel > Programs and Features.
  • The new code signing certificates are not recognised by older versions of Windows, specfically Windows Vista, Windows XP and earlier. Attempting to download with older versions of Windows will treat the download as potentially malicious and make it difficult to download and run.

Dealing with each of these issues in turn:

Second Entry for the Same Product in Windows Control Panel

You only need to do anything if you are updating an existing software installation rather than installing the software on a new computer. Prior to running the installation file remove the software from your computer using Control Panel > Programs and Features or Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.

If you forget to do this and end up with two entries it is not a disaster. You can still remove the software by uninstalling both entries.

Installing on Older Versions of Windows

You will need to work around the Windows security warnings. Examples are given for Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Google Chrome

When you click on the file to download you are given a warning at the bottom of your screen that the file could be dangerous as shown below:

Google Chrome Warning

Click on the down arrow to the right of the warning and select "Keep" as shown below:

Select Keep

Now click on the file name to run the file. You will get another warning as shown below:

Run Warning

Click Run.

Internet Explorer

When you click on the file to download you are shown the following:

Run or Save Option

If you select "Run" the file will be downloaded but the following will then be displayed and you will not be able to run the file.

Run Blocked

When presented with the initial Run or Save option select "Save" and note the location where you are saving the file. After downloading is complete, double-click on the file to run it. The following will be displayed:

Run or <br>

Click Run.