MIE Software Support Note

Subject: Updating Summit Central Data files

Applies to: SCL Date: May 2012

How to update Summit Central Data files

When there is a version number change (for example from version 4.14 to 4.15) in Summit Central it is necessary to update the Summit Central data file(s) as well as the Summit Central software to reflect data changes made in the version update.

In multi-user environments where the data file is on a network drive this process can be very slow for large data files(more than 20 minutes). To minimise the time taken we recommend that you take the following steps if your Summit Central data files (the files ending in .mmd) are located on a network drive rather than your own hard drive.

  1. Have one user update their Summit Central software
  2. Have all other users close Summit Central
  3. Copy the Summit Central data file to the user’s C:\Summit folder
  4. Have the user open that Summit Central data file and click Yes to the “Update Data File?” prompt
  5. Once the user has completed the update, close Summit
  6. Copy the Summit Central data file back to the network drive
  7. Have other users update Summit Central and open the Summit Central data file on the network drive.

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