MIE Software Support Note

Subject: How to delete a registered delegate

Applies to: SEMP Date: Apr. 2012

How to completely delete a registered delegate from Summit Event Manager - Pro

On occasions you may need to delete a delegate if they have been imported or accidently entered twice. Use the following instructions to remove them completely:

  • Click the Register button on the Personal Details screen. Click Cancel Registration at the bottom of the screen and delete any add-ons they have. Close the Registration Screen.

  • Click on Money menu and delete all receipts. This will "unallocate" the associated payments.

  • Still on the Money Menu, click on Allocate Payment and delete the payment(s) which should now have the full payment amount displayed under "Remaining Unallocated".
  • Still on the Money Menu, click on Tax Invoices and delete any Tax Invoices.

  • Back on Personal Details, if Has Hotel Booking is ticked, click on Hotel Booking and delete all hotel bookings.

  • If Has Travel Booking is ticked, click on Travel Booking and delete all travel records.

  • Click on Contact and delete all recorded contacts.
  • Click on Delete to delete the person's record.

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