MIE Software Support Note
Subject: Using Fog Creek Copilot for Support Applies to: All Products Date: August 2010

Live Online Support

Online support has just gotten easier. MIE Software has now engaged the Fog Creek Copilot software which enables live instruction and support to be performed on your computer with your software via the internet. The program allows a temporary secure connection to be formed between your computer and MIE Software so that instructions can be visually demonstrated rather than explained. No more back and forth phone calls and less confusion from emails, support issues can be solved while you watch in the comfort of your own office. Microsoft Notepad software can be used to correspond between you and MIE Support staff to explain any questions that may arise along the way.

To find out more about the Fog Creek Copilot software, Click Here.

To initiate a Fog Creek Copilot Support Contact please email info@miesoftware.com or call (03) 9645 1077

How to use Fog Creek Copilot

1. Once you have arranged your Copilot Support Contact with MIE Software, you will recieve an email invitation from Fog Creek Copilot on behalf of MIE Software that requests you accept the invitation by clicking on the link highlighted in the email. Once you have clicked on the link, your internet browser should open and direct you to the Fog Creek Copilot invitation page. Click Yes to accept the Terms of Use and continue with the connection. On the following page click on the Download Now icon to install the software.
2. A File Download window should appear, select the Run option and allow to load. The following window should appear:

Click Yes to accept the connection. The following screen should display:

Minimise this window and continue with the Support Contact.
3. Microsoft Notepad can be used to communicate between you and MIE Support staff:


Once the Support issue has been resolved, open the Fog Creek Copilot window and select Disconnect to end the session. We suggest leaving the program on your computer should further issues arise.

For any further questions or queries, please contact MIE Software.

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