MIE Software Support Note
Subject: Troubleshooting - Installing PDF-Email Overlay on machines with MS Access 2000 Applies to: All Products Date: April 2005

After installing the PDF E-Mail Overlay, Summit Event Manager - Pro opens directly into a code window with error messages and you are unable to successfully open the program

Method 1 - Using the Summit menu

As shown below, select Add-Ins > File > Output to Rich Text Format

Method 2 - Using the Microsoft Access Ribbon

As shown below, select Print Preview > More > Word

Method 3 - Using the Context Menu

As shown below, right mouse click Report > Export > Word RTF File

Automatically opening the Word Document

If you are using Method 1 click Yes when the following is displayed:

If you are using Method 2 or Method 3, check the "Open the destination file after the export operation is complete" checkbox as shown below:

Lines and Graphics

As with earlier versions of Access, lines and graphics are not exported.