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Troubleshooting - Installing PDF-Email Overlay on machines with MS Access 2000

Applies To: Summit Event Manager - Pro v.9.27 using MS Access 2000
Date: 5 April 2005


After installing the PDF E-Mail Overlay, Summit Event Manager - Pro opens directly into a code window with error messages and you are unable to successfully open the program.


The machine will have some underlining components belonging to a more advanced version of MS Office that is preventing the software from automatically compiling upon opening.


1/. The machine will have MS Office 2000 installed with MS Outlook 2003.

2/. The machine will have MS Office 2000 installed and had MS Outlook 2003 installed and subsequently removed.

Download and install a complied version of Summit Event Manager - Pro with the PDF E-Mail Overlay.

  1. Download file to a place on your machine where you will remember

  2. Click the 'Close' button
  3. Close Summit Event Manager - Pro

  4. Double click on file to run it:

    • Read notice and click 'OK'

    • Click the 'Unzip' button

    • 7-8 files will be unzipped to c:\semp

    • Click the 'Close' button
  5. Open Summit Event Manager - Pro

  6. Follow instructions to activate the PDF E-Mail Overlay

Important Notes

  1. You will need to re-install any custom updates that you are have written for Summit Event Manager - Pro

  2. If you do not have Summit Event Manager - Pro installed in it's default folder (c:\semp) then when you run the file downloaded you will need to advise where it is to unzip the files it contains.


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