MIE Software Support Note
Subject: What to do with a corrupt data file Applies to: All Products Date: August 2010

If you have a corrupt data file there are a number of steps you can take to recover the information.

Step 1:
Make a backup copy of the data file under another name. Keep this backup in a safe place and do not attempt to open it, compact it or repair it. You will need to use this file if you have to proceed to step 4 or step 5.

Step 2:
Try a Compact and Repair of the corrupt file. To do this you will need to open another data file that is NOT the data file you wish to repair. Make note of the name and location of your file and then open another data file. An easy way to do this is to open the demo.eve or demo.mdd file located in your C:\SEMP or C:\SCL folder, respectively. Once you have opened the demo file, select Compact and Repair from the File menu as demonstrated below:

Summit Event Manager - Pro Summit Central

Select the data file from the window and click Open.

If the file has been repaired you will get the following message and be able to access your file:

Step 3:
If Step 2 fails, open database directly in Microsoft Access. The following window may appear:

Click Yes to let Microsoft Access repair the data file. If Access cannot repair it you may get another window that will display "Unrecognized database format 'filename.mmd'", this means that Microsoft Access has tried to repair it but is unable to. Click OK through the following two windows.

Step 4
If Step 3 fails and you are running Microsoft Access 2003 or earlier, try downloading the jetcomp.exe file by clicking here. The jetcomp.exe file is a utility program provided by Microsoft that can sometimes compact and repair data files that can not be compacted and repaired using the compact/repair function within Microsoft Access. Run jetcomp.exe to attempt to compact the data file.If after doing this you can open the data file within your MIE Software application the data file has been repaired. You should then check your data carefully as the Compact/Repair process can truncate some tables that it can not interpret.

Step 5
If Step 4 fails, contact a special repair service such as PK Solutions at http://www.pksolutions.com/services.htm

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