Summit Event Manager - Pro : Updates

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Latest Version: 9.92

Released: 20 January 2021

Please note that this update will overwrite your existing software. Please make backups of any customisations/modifications that you have made prior to running this update so that they can be reinstalled. To back up modifications you have made, from within Summit Event Manager go After > Run Macro and then select Create Custom Update File and click Run. To re-install the modifications/customisations, AFTER you have updated your software, select After > Install Custom Update and connect to your cdb file and then click Complete the update.

Summit products are not compatible with Office 64 bit. Click here for technical requirements, tested operating environments and free Microsoft Access Runtimes.

Do not install this update if you do not have Microsoft Outlook installed on your computer. Click here for more information.

Access Version File to Download Instructions
Access 2002 to Access 2019 32 bit Standard version 9.92

North American version 9.92
Click on the file to download and then save the file to your computer where you can find it (i.e. The Desktop). Then double click on the file and follow the instructions. If you have installed in other than the c:\semp folder you will need to change the unzip to directory when you run the file.
Access 2000 Standard version 9.47 update

If you have purchased and installed either the PDF E-Mail Overlay utilizing the Arial font or the Arial Font Overlay, then you will need to re-install these custom updates after updating the software. Also, if you use MS Access 2000 and previously experienced problems installing the Overlay then please visit our Support Article instead of running this update.

Please note that after installing the Update you may need to re-register your software before opening any of your current event files. To request a new number please complete the Serial Number Request form.

Contact us if you have any queries or want to know what is in the latest update.