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Summit Event Manager Version 11 Beta Release

Summit Event Manager Version 11 Beta Release Notes

PRODUCT STATUS (Version 11.02.08)
Summit Event Manager Version 11 (SEM11) is now in open beta release. This means that anyone may download and use the product. The product is largely complete except for some financial audit and reconstruction functions and the ability to process on-line registration e-mails. This will be introduced soon along with a new and enhanced MIE WebLink process. The step-by-step section of the on-line help is incomplete. Please report any issues to us.

You will need to register the software if you want to create event files with more than 20 people in them. There is no charge to register the beta software. You will need to pay for the software if you wish to continue using it once it is released.

The product is suitable for any events that do not require the importing of Internet registrations. You must have 32 bit Access 2010 or higher to install SEM11. SEM11 is not compatible with 64 bit Microsoft Access. Unlike earlier releases, this version is not compatible with earlier versions of Microsoft Access. If you are using version 11.01.03 or earlier, you should continue with that software until all events are completed. You should then remove the software and install this full installation.

SEM11 will not interfere with your SEMP Version 9 software.

Click here for the installation file.

This page last updated 12 January 2019.