MIE WebLink vs Other Providers
Price Comparison Calculator - 5 Year Costing

Use the form below to calculate your costing and see how much MIE Software can save you on your events. Simply fill in the red boxes with your event information and the form will calculate your five year projection costing. For a single event costing, click here.

Calculation Table
MIE Software Information - Please check relevant Event Information - Please fill out your specs
Summit Event Manager - Multi-user Total delegates per year
Summit Event Manager - Single-user % Online register (*MIE applicable only)
Summit Event Manager - I've already got it % Online register and payment
MIE Annual Support Contract Events per annum
I am using my own/other electronic gateway Months hosting per event (average)
Fees and Charges MIE Weblink Other Provider
Per payment transaction charge $1.10 $
Monthly account/service fee $0.00 $
Per registrant fee $0.00 $
Set up fee per event $363.00 $
Monthly hosting fee $77.00 $
FIVE YEAR PREDICTED COSTING $ inc. gst $ ??? gst


Initial Settings The initial settings of 4,000 delegates, 11 events per year, 4 months hosting per event, 55% registering on-line with 68% of these also paying on-line, are based on current MIE WebLink usage. With Summit, there are no charges for registrations entered directly into Summit by you. With the on-line systems examined, per registrant charges applied whether entered by registrant or you. If you are using MIE WebLink, you can determine your on-line/off-line percentages using the Registration Count function in your MIE WebLink area and comparing that to the totals in Summit.
General Costings cover additional charges for on-line transactions. Costings do not include credit card merchant fees as these apply to both on-line and off-line transactions.
Own Gateway Charges relating to use of your own gateway are estimates only based on past conversions. Covers the cost of writing initial gateway switching code then reapplying that code for each new event. Costs do not include costs associated with setting up a secure gateway with the banks/gateway providers or costs associated with security certificates.

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